Flying Aces

Having been lucky enough to grown up in an upper-class family, Loras has spent much of his youth between the Tyrell house in London, and the estate out in the English countryside. Excelling at almost everything he has attempted, Loras' true calling comes in the form of the piano; his thin, nimble fingers and effortless grace serving him well as he practices and preforms. The definition of a dandy, Loras' natural charm and charisma serve him well, and with a promising career ahead of him and a secret lover supporting his every step, it would appear as if he has everything he could ask for.
But the excitement and adventure that he craves has never been found behind the ivory keys of his piano, and as war with Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire is declared, he is both eager and willing to join the fray in hopes of finding glory and fame. While his father (a military man himself) is supportive of his intentions, his mother and grandmother wish him to stay back, fearful of what the war may bring. The only fear Loras has is that the war will be over before he has a chance to prove his worth.

Debussy - Valse romantique